Other Resources

Go to http://www.anybabycansa.org/services/autism-services/resource-guide/ for another great resource guide. The second page of the guide has a chart which shows a recommended order to start contacting resources from diagnosis to counseling and training.

Do2Learn Foundation
Provides free printable learning tools – picture cards, writing tools, art projects, etc.

VISD Family Connection Center
1611 E. North Street (across from Patti Welder)
Phone: 361-788-9673
The VISD Family Connection Center has a Family Resource Center with a computer lab. You can check out materials (books, toys, games, flashcards), make copies and laminate (all for free!).

Kids Health – Dealing With Feelings
Articles for kids to help them understand feelings they may have about a wide variety of subjects

Free social stores and other information.

Positively Autism
Free flashcards, games, social story template, etc.

Free Social Stories 

Disclaimer – The individuals that have developed this Resource Guide have done so with the intent of helping others to become aware of treatments, therapy options or services available for individuals on the Autism Spectrum. We assume no responsibility for the use made of any information contained in this document. Please seek the advice of a physician or other qualified individual to decide what treatment, therapy options or services are appropriate for the specific individual.

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